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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well, my "little" baby turned 2 months old yesterday, and the verdict is in: he's HUGE! Today at the pediatrician's he tipped the scales at 13lbs 5oz and 23.75 inches long! That's almost the same size Oliver was at 3 months old (Oliver was a touch heavier, and maybe a little longer). But he's so damn happy all the time, it's just wonderful to be around him. Now if we could just get him sleeping at night a leeeeetle bit earlier... And just look how cute he is! Clearly, he is the apple of his gramma's eye.
And, in knitting news (yes, I once again have a little time to knit), I FINALLY finished the spiderweb shawl from the Victorian Lace book that my sister got me for Christmas. I would have finished it pre-baby, but the yarn took FOREVER to arrive (note to self - quicker to run over to Knit One and just have instant gratification rather than save a couple of bucks and order online), and now, just in time for the heat of summer, I have a gorgeous mohair/silk shawl that could easily drape a two year old from head to toe. I'll try to get some pictures up later, as well as a few finished pics of the "Grand Canyon" shawl that was in progress below. I actually finished it a while ago, but thanks to those blocking wires that I got for my birthday (thanks, Katherine!), it actually looks like a finished shawl now, and not just a clump of pretty wool.

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