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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sick kids

Oliver's home sick from preschool today, though you'd never know he was sick to look at him. Weird random fever this morning, like over 100, and he was cranky and miserable and whiney (moreso than usual). But now he's watching TV and jumping up and down giving me a running commentary on what's going on, silly child.

Yesterday I got to take both kid with me to take Inky to the vet. Oliver had been a normal 2 year old all morning and I had been a normal tired mom, so when we got to the vet he kept saying, "WHY are you doing that? STOP doing that!" The nurse was perplexed and I had to tell her that he wasn't really talking to her, just repeating what he'd heard that morning. Nothing like admitting that you have virtually NO patience to relative strangers to make you feel like you're up for mother of the year. We all made it home with most of our sanity intact, and despite his best efforts, Oliver did NOT manage to crawl inside Inky's "kitty cage".

On Friday we had to take Elliot to Children's Hospital for his renal ultrasound and VCUG to make sure there's nothing serious going on in there, since he had a urinary tract infection about a month and a half ago. It makes me realize just how lucky we are to have two such healthy kids. I saw two baby girls in hip braces, one little boy with some fairly significant problems, kids in beds and on oxygen being wheeled around. I don't know how the parents of seriously ill children do it, just holding Elliot's hands during the VCUG while he screamed was about enough to reduce me to a sobbing pile of maternal fear and sorrow. I know, in real life and online, more and more parents who have children with severe problems, it makes me not want to push my luck with a third child. I had such easy pregnancies and have such healthy kids, I feel like I'm playing Russian Roulette or something, like my number's going to come up eventually and we might not be so insanely lucky the next time. When you think about all the things that have to happen in order to have healthy child, and all the things that can go wrong in the process, it's kind of amazing that ANYONE has a healthy child. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now I've got my hands full with the two we already have!

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