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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Every now and then

My children actually DO interact together! Granted, those moments of blissful laughter from both of them at the same time are usually pretty short - it's only a matter of time before Oliver starts whining "Don't want Elliot to smile at you! Don't want Elliot to touch you!" (we're still working on his pronouns). But Oliver seems to be more and more warming up to the idea that Elliot can be a lot of fun, if he just gives him a chance, and that being a big brother doesn't mean giving up all his toys and attention.
Anyway, here's some photographic proof.

And both of them looking silly and tres serious (though it was Oliver's idea to hold Elliot)

It's kind of interesting that Oliver is such a photogenic kid. My mom and I almost lament that the's so NOT a reliable performer. Kid could be making his fortune doing gap ads otherwise!

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