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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lame, lame, lame

The title is an adjective that obviously describe me, as I'm not even cool enough to keep up a blog about my kids and other randomness.    I could try to claim that I've been busy, which might be an ok excuse for like a month or two, but over a year?  Jeez.  What's lamer than lame?  Super lame?  Mega lame?

Anyway, I told my friend Susan that I would update my blog, as she claims she would read it if I ever updated it, but I find myself at a total loss about what to say.  The four of us, Haakan, the kids, and I, took a trip up to Cleveland yesterday to pick up Haakan and Elliot's passports from the Swedish Consulate.  I find it kind of hysterical that Cleveland has a Swedish Consulate, but I find it fairly amusing that there are Swedes anywhere but Sweden, since there aren't all that many of them and I never think of there being a concentration of them heavy enough to necessitate a consulate.  So after we picked up the passports, which took all of like three minutes
 (they managed to do the whole exchange of info while I was in the bathroom), we took the kids to the Great Lakes Science Center, which I highly recommend for people with kiddos who might not be as thrilled by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as their parents would be (it's right next door, so theoretically one could go to both).  The kids had a great time, it was almost completely empty and for quite a while they were the only kids there, meaning
 that Oliver could bounce around in the bounce house to his heart's content.  Unfortunately, there was also an attendant on duty, so I could not take a nap in the bounce house, like I wanted to, but it's all good.  As usual, the "car" was the big hit with Elliot, while Oliver was old enough to really play with just about everything there.  Haakan and I just kind of trailed them around the room, trying to make sure no one fell off of anything.  And not entirely successfully, since Elliot tipped off the back of a boat display and wacked his head on the ground.  But that was the only major accident of the day, and he seems none the worse for wear (though I'm sure he can blame us in 10 years when he can't do long division).

I spent the drive up and back knitting a fabulous Owlet sweater for Elliot, and it's coming along pretty quickly.  No pictures (because, referencing the title o
f this post, I am indeed lame), but I'm using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, and really liking it so far.  I've got the body done and now need to do the sleeves, which I can do now that I've got some needles (and appologies to the staff at Natural Stitches, where my children literally ran around the store screaming while I tried to pay ).  They asked me to do something for Oliver's preschool's fundraiser, so I'm going to donate a child's sweater for the silent auction, and I think Owlet is going to be it, so I need to make a sample for them to put on display for the bidding.  I'll take some pictures when it's all done, hopefully by the end of the week, but you can see the grownup version that I made for myself:
And a fabulous closeup of the owls that you can't see all that well on the sweater (obviously taken by Haakan, being that he's a man and all).

I'm really pretty tickled with it, the fit is great and it's super super cute, and it was FAST to knit, too.  But in retrospect, it kind of sucks to have made a sweater that isn't going to be able to be worn for a couple of months, being that the hot weather is upon us.  Oh well, good thing I'm making Elliot's in fabulous breathable cotton!

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