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Friday, February 10, 2006

What you see on the left is the product of my spindling thus far. In the top row you have two skeins of lincoln (a little on on top of a big one), merino single (that is just so pretty, I may leave it as a single), something funky and dyed that my mom gave me for christmas, plyed, and a little test skein from silk caps that I bought from Spinning Bunny off ebay. I'm going to swatch it up and see what it does, I'm very intrigued by it.

This is a dark closeup of the little mini-skein. It was kind of weird working with it, the thicker sections were very reluctant to stay twisted, but I like it a lot all plyed up like it is. I may have to try dyeing some of my own, after seeing how wonderfully it spins up, even looking kind of funny on the caps, I'm pretty confidant of getting something kind of cool out of it. Plus, I've had a few people request hats made out of something other than wool, so I though silk or cotton would be a nice option. I've GOT to get that spinning wheel, it just takes too long to spindle it to make it at all cost effective. But, special request, we shall see. I've got to figure out how to measure my yardage and test the gauge...

And here's my little project, all skeined up. I've really pleased with some of it. We've got Wiltons "garden colors", Wiltons purples and blues, strawberry Kool-Aid, Wiltons violet, Wiltons violet and royal blue, Wiltons violet and sky blue, and Wiltons purples, blues, and green. I'm just tickled to death with the way the purples, blues, and green came out, it looks great all skeined up like that, MUCH better than it looked drying over the shower rod. I listed them online and so far, I've gotten the most response to the strawberry, so I may have to do another few skeins of that. I also had a special request for pink, so I'll have to try that, maybe later on this evening. The Kool-Aid one color dyeing is just so easy, and so incredibly satisfying. Like all the other fiber arts, it's totally addictive.

My meeting with my advisor went amazingly well. She added a few books to my lists, but was so understanding of the difficulties you encounter having a youngster in daycare bringing home all those germs. And my other committee members were also pretty pleased with my lists, so I may just get these exams taken before my hair goes entirely gray (if the exams don't make that happen!).

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