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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Holy cow, how much do I LOVE this merino I got from Grafton Fibers? If I were clever, I'd have some kind of cute "count the ways" kind of poem, but let's just say it rocks. It rocks big time. It practically spins itself and it's GORGEOUS (did i mention that?). My mom just held the wonderful soft batt of it last night, petting it like it was a kitty (and actually, it feels a lot like a kitty, all soft and kinda heavy and nice). I've got high hopes for spinning it all up and turning it into the wonderful Estonian shawl in the Scarf Style book. I wish I had a picture, but my memory card is all full and anyway, I'm having a hard time getting the colors to come up correctly, but it's the beautiful brownish with blue in the picture a few posts down, in the lovely sun-lit box all snuggled up with the blue and green.
And the hats are just knitting themselves, one down, five or six to go (gotta go check my order table). It's just so pretty, got this wonderful sheen to it and so super soft, I hope the recipients like them. The hard part will be deciding which ones to replicate, which dyes worked the best. Oddly, the violet that I liked the best doesn't have any takers yet. Oh well, I guess Oliver will be getting a violet hat!

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