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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The spinning is going really well, I'm kind of amazed how quickly I'm getting the hang of it. Today I spun up a little baggie of Border Leicester on the spinning wheel, just to see if I could get a thinner single. I had some remarkable success! I did a lot more predrafting than I had been doing, and I think that it made a huge amount of difference. And I'm sure it helped that the Border Leicester was so airy and fluffy, I could really see what I was doing. I got some pretty fine singles out of it, and then tried my hand at navajo plying, which I'm just kind of amazed by. It worked out really well and I now have a skinny little skein of triple plied yarn that's probably just a tad thinner than worsted weight. Aw yeah. I'll put up some pics once the sun comes up again.

My dyeing went... ok... I didn't get the wonderful saturation of color that I got the last time, so I may soak the 4 skeins that were supposed to be my wonderful "spring twilight" colorway and try my hand at it again. Obviously I need to use more Wiltons per cup of water, these came out much more pastel colored (though not really pastel) and as a result the bright green doesn't really pop like it did the last time. Eh, live and learn. I did, however, get some very RED yarn with black cherry KoolAid, and two pinks to pick from from pink lemonade KoolAid and rose Wiltons (someone's ordered a pink baby hat, so I thought I'd play a little bit). My first little bundle of wheel spun yarn came out a wonderful cinnamon-orangy color, very nice. not sure what I'm going to do with just under 50 yards of super bulky, but I guess I'll find something to do with it (skinny scarf maybe?). That's it soaking in some brown Wiltons (looks like ramen noodles on steroids). And that's the finished lovely on the right. Isn't it purdy?

And in non fiber related news, we are STILL waiting to hear back from Google, who I am convinced is out to ruin my mental health by not just telling us that Hakan didn't get the job and allowing us to get on with our lives. I am mentally scouting real estate in Minneapolis, just to prepare myself for the inevitability that we'll be moving there over the summer. Not that that's a bad thing, but wow, it's going to be hard to leave everything behind if this Google job doesn't pan out. Hopefully they'll let us know tomorrow, I may have an ulcer by then, but hopefully it'll only be a small one.

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